About Dan Holloway

I am a novelist and poet. I hope you enjoy my books.

I write novels about people struggling to live in the modern world, and poetry about the beauty of lost friendship. My work has appeared in various anthologies and across the web and has gathered the odd prize.

I am privileged to run the spoken word show The New Libertines which has been touring festivals and fringes across the UK since Easter 2011, and to coordinate Not the Oxford Literary Festival which celebrated its fourth year in 2013.

You can find my website with information about my books, links to all my articles, and details of all my events here.

Huge thanks for the background image, which features on the cover of the novel Evie and Guy, to my long-term collaborator Veronika von Volkova and for the portrait of my in the header bar to my friend and fellow writer Richard Pierce Saunderson.